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Hyogo Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center Livestock Technology Center

Collective management of male breeding cows
They are working to improve the meat quality and techniques for raising cattle

At the Hyogo Prefecture Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center Livestock Technology Center, our prefecture's Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef brands are popular nationwide. At the Livestock Technology Center Livestock Division, the male breeding cows are collectively managed, and frozed semen are provided to prefectural ranchers. The center also works to improve techniques for raising meat cattle, their meat quality, and research into delicious flavor and genetic information.

Male breeding cows are evaluated on strict criteria and given a ranking. Evaluations are given directly and indirectly, and in an indirect evaluation, a single male cow is bred with 80 females, and then 16 of their offspring are evaluated for not only weight but flavor compounds, fat mixes, and quality, making for a detailed examination.

Following the Marufuku Doi that was produced in July of last year, in February this year the highest meat yielding male breeding cow in history was discovered and its semen has begun to be distributed.

img:Meeting a Marufuku Doi
Meeting a Marufuku Doi
img:The center staff gave us a detailed explanation
The center staff gave us a detailed explanation

The super breed male cow "Marumiya Doi" and 2nd place historical "Marufuku Doi" characteristics

  1. * Breed value: a numerical evaluation of meat qualities and gene ability passed from parent to child cow
Breed value
  1. * Evaluation: a ranking assigned to all Tajima Beef based on it's breeding value
    A+++: top 0.13%, A++: top 2%, A+: top 10%, A: top 25%, B: top 50%, C: top 75%
  1. 1)"Marufuku Doi" / "Marumiya Doi" are both mixed fat breeding values of A+++ and produced inside Hyogo prefecture.
  2. 2) "Marumiya Doi" has a large dressed carcass weight and loin area, as well as thin fat under the skin, giving it a well balanced high yield rate. The high dressed carcass yield rate makes it suitable for crossbreeding.
  3. 3)"Marufuku Doi" is a mixed fat with good meat quality, which was expected to become "Marumiya Doi" but because its dressed carcass yield is lower, caution must be taken when crossbreeding with larger females or those with large milk productions.
    (Materials provided by Hyogo Prefecture Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Technology General Center Livestock Division)
img:Marufuku Doi01
Additional reference:
FY 2009 (first half) Kurowagyu Basic Breed Male Cow List Chart
BV29 Breed Value (Dressed carcass yield, mixed fat) Distribution Status
FY2009 Provided Breeds Pedigree Chart (Father Lineage)
img:Marufuku Doi02