Bifteck Kawamura

Introduction of Steak Masters

In ordinary Steak restaurant, apparently master chefs or staffs in charge inspect newly arrived beefs, but in Kawamura, the managing chef does it himself and he's persistent in the authentic all the time. And also, next-generation chefs who take over the original managing chef's DNA will also take over the business from age to age.


The original managing cheHaruji Kawamura

It's Over 40 years since he initiated this business. He's making efforts facing Kobe Beefs day by day. He's staying in front of steel plate as the managing chef. And moreover, he's proactively acting for activating the whole market of Kobe Beef more and more going to producing districts to deepen an association with producers and exchange opinions so that he can all the time serve the best Kobe Beef.

photo:The original managing che Haruji Kawamura
photo:The third-generation Yusuke Kawamura

The third-generationYusuke Kawamura

Born in the 63rd year of Showa era (1988), in Kobe. He's still under ascetic training under the original managing owner.

photo:Total manager of restaurant 竹村 昭弘

The third generation's younger brotherShohei Kawamura

Born in 1989, in Kobe City. He is in training to support the third generations.