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Producer information

The skills of those who make the world's Kobe Beef

The advanced techniques of producers who raise Kobe Beef Champion cows is famous world-wide. 32 months is spend raising the cows, which is 2 months longer than the average, and the cows are spoken to and given love and attention one by one, which is why they have a gentle expression on their faces.
At Bifteck Kawamura, our owners visit producers and observe their ranches first-hand. Through this direct experience of their advanced techniques and their great care for their work, we continue to deepen our relationship with producers.

Female cow champion farmers

img:Female cow champion farmers

The clean air and water of Hyogo help raise Kobe Beef cattle. In the southern areas including Awaji Island there are breeding farmers who raise baby cows, and in the north, fattening ranch owners who help the cows grow large.