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The Kobe City Central Wholesale Market west market

A distribution hub of Kobe Beef

The west market does facilitation of the edible meat circulation and the stable supply of the edible meat that can feel relieved as a circulation foothold of the Kobe beef.

The west market is composed of facilities provided by Kobe City, who opened the market, shippers who ship either plain body or dressed carcasses, wholesalers who sell via auctions, purchasers who participate in the auctions (major consumers, smaller shops, processing companies), and shipping companies, financial institutions, and dining establishments.

img:A distribution hub of Kobe Beef01
img:A distribution hub of Kobe Beef02
img:A distribution hub of Kobe Beef03
img:Dressed carcass
Dressed carcass
img:Bidding scene
Bidding scene * This image is from another prefecture's auction