Bifteck Kawamura

Privacy policy

At Kawamura, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “we”), we believe that protecting personal information is a social obligation in our business operations. All of our employees follow the privacy policy listed below (Policy on the Protection of Personal Information). We will follow all laws and regulations on personal information, and strive to implement regulations internally to manage personal information appropriately.

  1. 1. We collecting personal information, we will announce, present, or otherwise express the purpose of collection, and only use it for the intended purpose.
  2. 2. To prevent the loss, destribution, falsification, or leakage of personal information, we will take the necessary safety precautions.
  3. 3. When the person who is the subject of the personal information wishes to have their information revealed, corrected, no longer used, or deleted, and notifies us of their intent, we will respond to his or her request within a reasonable time period after confirming the individual’s identity.
  4. 4. Any personal information acquired by business operations will not be provided to third parties, except in the following cases:
    1. 1. the customer has provided consent to do so,
    2. 2. when requested to do so by a court or administrative body,
    3. 3. when life or property is at stake in an emergency and it is deemed impossible to receive consent from the individual,
    4. 4. when deemed necessary to protect the customer’s wellbeing, or our rights, property, or services
    5. 5. when the provision of such information is necessary for a national or regional government organization to carry out their lawful duties and our cooperation has been requested, and obtaining the consent of the individual would cause issues with the execution of our relevant operations



当社は料理のReservation、Contact Us、商品のご注文、メールマガジンの配信のご依頼、店頭でのご利用の際にお客様の個人情報を取得いたします。
お客様から取得した個人情報は、Reservationの対応、Contact Usへの対応、ご注文に対するご発送、メールマガジンの配信等お客様向けサービスの実施に利用いたします。また、当社からのご案内に利用させていただくことがございます。お客様からのご希望で、当社からのご案内はいつでも停止することができます。



Contact Usについて

当社が定めたプライバシーポリシーについて、ご不明な点、お気づきの点、プライバシーポリシーが遵守されていないと思われることがございましたら、Contact Usフォームからご連絡ください。