Bifteck Kawamura

極 The ultimate space of refinement ~ Feel at ease with the pinnacle of hospitality and luxury ~
A stately interior that presents the atmosphere of the port city Kobe. A steak master cooks the highest grade Kobe Beef with the most advanced techniques.

We guarantee safety and peace of mind as a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Kobe Beef.
Please taste the tender meat, richness, sweetness of beautiful marbling that Kobe Beef exclusively has at the nearest Kawamura.

Introduction of Restaurant

Premium Kitashinchi Restaurant Open

image:Premium Kitashinchi restaurant

A high class restaurant that is the pride of Bifteck Kawamura.
A VIP room is available, perfect for entertaining important business customers.
Please spend the best time in a quiet and calm shop.

Tokyo area

Kobe Beef Steak that we serve knocks over food buffs and is highly admired among butchers in the same field.
We are one of very few authentic Kobe Beef restaurants in Tokyo.

photo:Roppongi restaurant

Roppongi restaurant

B1F URBAN STYLE ROPPONGI 4-2-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

photo:Ginza restaurant

Ginza restaurant

GINZA MST Building 8th Floor 6-5-1 Ginza Chuou-ku Tokyo

Kobe Sannomiya and Hyogo prefecture area menu

Our restaurants in suburb areas are used by people with family or on business. Almost 100% are repeat guests.
Make yourself at home and enjoy a meal there.
When you come to Kobe for sightseeing, Sannomiya Flagship Restaurant is very accessible.
Please enjoy your dinner to make a good memory.

photo:Sannomiya Main restaurant

Sannomiya Flagship restaurant

Nubaspirit 1st floor 4-5-13 Kano-town Chuo-ward, Kobe City Hyogo Pref.

photo:Kobe main restaurant

Shinmei restaurant

1524 Arise Ikawadani-town Nishi-ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Pref.

photo:Nishinomiya restaurant

Nishinomiya restaurant

4-15-5 KamiOichi, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Pref.

photo:Himeji restaurant

Himeji restaurant

1-8 Miyake Shikama-ward, Himeji City, Hyogo pref.

photo:Kakogawa restaurant

Kakogawa restaurant

175-1 Noguchi Noguchi-town, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Pref.

chef 01
chef 02

Steak masters cook before your eyes.

Whether at the counter or in a private room, the seats are arranged around the teppan grill.
The finest Kobe beef is cooked to perfection by chefs before your very eyes.

Counter seats brimming with anticipation

The live element is the best thing about a counter seat. Watching the chef's advanced skills on display right in front of you brings an anticipation to the meal, as well as bringing customers together.
* There may be cases where we ask different parties to sit next to one another depending on space availability.

photo:Counter seats brimming with anticipation

An isolated space of luxury

A private room provides a space isolated from surroundings, where you have the luxury of having the chef all to yourselves. Enjoy yourself in this relaxed atmosphere.

photo:An isolated space of luxury
photo:Staff providing exceptional hospitality

Staff providing exceptional hospitality

We pride our selves in providing heartfelt service to our customers so that they can enjoy the best time possible.

photo:A VIP room for special meals

A VIP room for special meals

For special occasions, feel free to use the VIP room.

photo:Foreign language service

Foreign language service

Some of our staff speak foreign langauges. Overseas guests are welcome to visit our restaurants.

* Each restaurant's service varies by location. Please confirm before your visit.

Customers from Overseas

We have summarized transportation access information from each airport.
For detailed directions to each individual restaurant, please see that resaurant's information.

Why not make a reservation?

Due to crowding and longer wait times, we ask that you make a reservation in advance.