Bifteck Kawamura

For travel companies or customers traveling in groups

At Bifteck Kawamura, we are pleased to handle reservations for groups and tours as needed.
Each restaurant's policy for the number of guests, parking, menu, and hours varies depending on the location.

Please be sure to contact the restaurant in advance by phone.

The name of restaurant Head-count Parking Large Bus Phone number Details
Roppongi restaurant Maximum of 34people 03-5775-6633
Sannomiya Flagship restaurant 30~40people Nearby 078-335-0399
Shinmei restaurant 13~45people Yes OK 078-974-5883
Nishinomiya restaurant 20~50people Yes OK 0798-53-5888
Himeji restaurant 30~40people Yes OK 0792-43-1122
Kakogawa restaurant 25~30people Yes 0794-26-0980