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Bidding for Tajima Beef

Bidding Market for Tajima Beef, the roots of Kobe Beef

In Tajima, improvements have been added while keeping the pedigree protected. To further enhance the livestock production, baby cows are bid on at a livestock market auction.

The bidding started with a brisk voice "This is cool!" and Tajima beefs affectionately bred by producers were knocked down on and on.

All the beefs placed on show were really fantastic and it proved the excellence of Tajima beef, so we couldn't help feeling the high-level fattening skills and pride of the cattle farmers in Hyogo Prefecture.

Beef Steak Kawamura feels like going on serving genuine Kobe beefs with the highest quality to many more customers under cooperation with producers from now as well.

Picture left the honorary award winning beef placed on show by Mr. Seto
img:マルセ畜産 勢戸さんと
Picture right together with Mr. Kazutaka Seto,Maruse Stockbreeding Inc.