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極 About Kobe beef/Kobe beef cattle Basic Knowledge about World Famous Kobe Beef

Reasons why Kobe beef/Kobe meet/Kobe beef cattle is scarce

We've been explaining various things onKobe Beef, so now you understand that Kobe Beef is the one that' cleared strict definitions and highly-selected Tajima Beef Cattle. Since it's so highly selected, the absolute number is scarce. On top of it, award winning Kobe Beef is by far scarcer because it's selected from Kobe Beefs only.

As I told you in a greeting speech, Kobe Beef's absolute number is so small and in fact, almost half of the beefs circulated as Kobe beef are close but not to the same one.

"The taste is superlative although its absolute number is very small!" , this thing boosts up the market price. Kobe Beefs sold at an extremely low price might be close but not to the same one. It'd be a good idea to confirm it by checking the Certificate of Kobe Meat or Individual Identification Number.

In general, the filet is contained only 5 kilo grams in each, so it's further scarcer. In our restaurant, we always line up a large amount of filet, but the precious filet like award winning beef's one is sometimes out of stock. Please note.