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極 About Kobe beef/Kobe beef cattle Basic Knowledge about World Famous Kobe Beef

Proof of Kobe beef

Then, is there any way to tell Kobe Beef from other beefs? We could say it'll be obvious for experts, but it's extremely difficult for general consumers to tell.
As proof of authentic Kobe Beef, we have the Nojigiku stamp, bronze statue, and Certificate of Kobe Meat.

Nojigiku stamp

Kobe Beef is stamped with "Nojigiku stamp".
Hyogo Pref. growth beefs are all checked on BSE and those have passed the check are bought and sold as Hyogo Pref. growth beefs (Tajima Beef) and those have filled the grading standards of the Hyogo Pref. growth beefs are admitted "Kobe Beef " and stamped with "Nojigiku stamp" which is a proof of Kobe Beef.

image:Kobe Beef is stamped with Nojigiku stamp

Bronze Statue

The bronze statue which is laid in the stores appointed by the Kobe Meat Logistics Promotion Consociation is also a proof of Kobe Beef.

photo:Bronze Statue

Certificate of Kobe Meat

The Kobe beef which meets the strict requirements is with "Certificate of Kobe Beef" as a proof of it. Beef Stake Kawamura keeps treating authentic Kobe Beefs, so the certificates of the beefs purchased in the past are laid side-by-side in each restaurant.

photo:Certificate of Kobe Meat01
photo:Certificate of Kobe Meat02
photo:Certificate of Kobe Meat03