Bifteck Kawamura

  • Open March 2020: Kawamura Premium Kitashinchi Restaurant
  • Open March 2020: Kawamura Premium Kitashinchi Restaurant

World-Famous Kobe BeefAbout Kobe Beef and Cattle

What do you come up with when hearing Kobe Beef Cattle? I guess most of you imagine something like an expensive brand-name beef cattle. What on earth is Kobe Beef Cattle really like?
In this page, we respectfully introduce information concerning Kobe Beef Cattle that Kawamura's being particular about. If you read through this page once, we are sure you'll be able to understand the value and preciousness.

Kawamura's ConsistencyAn endless pursuit of passion and enthusiasm for Kobe Beef

Image:Kawamura's Consistency

Beef Steak Kawamura serves only the finest quality Kobe Beef. Our steak masters select the few top specimens from the market and serve them to our guests after the steak is grilled to perfection.

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Restaurant MenuThe essence of world-famous Kobe Beef

The chef cooks the highest grade A-5 class Kobe beef in front of your eyes.
The marbled flavor that melts in your mouth and world famous and rich taste are the essence of Kobe Beef.

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photo:Introduction of Restaurant

Introduction of RestaurantA relaxed and hospitable space to enjoy a luxurious dining experience.

Bifteck Kawamura will entertain our guests with the stately interior design and relaxing atmosphere of our restaurant.
We prepare the finest Kobe Beef with the most advanced techniques in front of our guests and provide a luxurious time.
Enjoy the ultimate flavor and enjoy a conversation with the chef as you relax.

photo:Introduction of Steak Masters

Introduction of Steak MastersThe masterful art of using refined techniques to bring out the full flavor of Kobe Beef

Everything we do is to deliver the best Kobe Beef flavor to you.
Our selection of meats we purchase, inimitable cooking techniques, and consideration for our guests set Kawamura's craftsment apart.

  1. Introduction of Steak Masters:Haruji Kawamura
    The original managing cheHaruji Kawamura
  2. Introduction of Steak Masters:Yusuke Kawamura介
    The third-generationYusuke Kawamura
  3. Introduction of Steak Masters:Shohei Kawamura
    The third generation's younger brotherShohei Kawamura

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